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Product Partners

GA Valves proudly collaborates with industry-leading product partners to deliver exceptional solutions. These partners are integral to enhancing the quality, reliability, and sustainability of our projects. With their expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that every valve and component we offer exceeds industry standards. Explore our esteemed product partners:

Our Product Partners

By drawing from our wealth of experience, and collaborating with industry-leading product partners, we excel in sourcing high-quality valves and components


Aquestia - Dorot

Aquestisa – Dorot Control Valves, a global leader in sustainable technologies, plays a pivotal role in our projects. Their innovative valve solutions contribute to the efficient and eco-friendly management of water systems. We rely on Aquestia – Dorot’s expertise to enhance the precision and sustainability of our valve installations, ensuring the long-term reliability of water distribution and control systems.



As a distributor for Socla, GA Valves brings a specialised range of valves to our projects, specifically tailored to waterworks applications. Socla’s expertise in valve design and manufacturing aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering high-quality products to our clients. Together, we ensure that waterworks systems function seamlessly, meeting industry standards and exceeding customer expectations.



AUMA’s expertise in valve actuation and control systems is a valuable asset to our projects. Whether it’s water, oil, steam, or gas, AUMA’s solutions provide the necessary mobility and precision to manage these fluids efficiently. We rely on AUMA’s technology to ensure the proper functioning and control of valves in our systems, contributing to the reliability and performance of our projects.



Rotork, the leading manufacturer of valve actuators and control systems, is an essential partner in our projects. Their electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators provide the critical motion and control required for our valves. With Rotork’s technology, we can guarantee the precision and reliability of our valve systems, ensuring they perform flawlessly in various applications.



The Cracker, an all-in-one solution for stubborn manhole covers, is an invaluable addition to our toolkit. Its hydraulic pressure application capability simplifies the challenging task of removing even the most stubborn covers efficiently. This innovative solution not only improves safety but also enhances the efficiency of our maintenance and access operations, ensuring our projects run smoothly and effectively.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders for 30 Years

We are a leading supplier with over 30 years of experience, we are internationally recognised for our high-quality valves and components. Our product range includes automatic control valves, air release and vacuum valves, and a wide selection of spare parts. We’ve built our success on solving water and wastewater engineering challenges with customised, top-quality valves.

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we excel in sourcing valves for various industries, including water, power generation, and general industrial markets. Choose GA Valves for expert solutions backed by decades of experience and unwavering excellence.