WhoshouldIsee Tracks
Stephen Mulhall
Sales Director

Stephen – our Sales ninja and the guy who ensures everything sales runs like a well-oiled machine. When it comes to building client relationships, Stephen is the pied piper of partnerships. He doesn’t just find solutions; he crafts personalised experiences that leave our clients thinking, “Did I just become best friends with my sales rep?” He’s the kind of guy who turns a business transaction into a virtual high-five, leaving everyone involved feeling like they just pulled off a heist of happiness.

Sarah Mills
Finance Director

Sarah – our finance guru and one of the OG members of the GA family. She’s the wizard behind all things money, making sure our suppliers get the love they deserve on payday. Sarah’s been rocking the financial side of things, she’s the secret sauce that keeps our financial engine purring.

Katherine Mulhall
Operations Director

Katherine oversees the operations at the business and loves shaking things up with new ideas. She’s on a mission to make the business run smoother and score top-notch results for our customers. She has a knack for finding the silver lining in any situation – and when she throws in the “level up” line at the weekly meetings, you can practically hear the collective eye rolls! 🙄😂

James Kryza
Technical Product Manager

James, looks after the southern office.  With technical knowledge of all our products, control valves are his speciality.  Often found in random places around the UK servicing valves or just paying a customer a visit.  James likes a problem

Molly (The Springer Spaniel)
CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)

Introducing Molly, our top dog and the reigning Chief Entertainment Officer. From humble beginnings to the executive dog bed, Molly’s journey in the corporate world has been filled with tail-wagging success. With a paw-spective like no other, Molly’s leadership style involves organizing impromptu zoomies in the office and orchestrating strategic napping sessions. A graduate of the prestigious School of Barketing, Molly ensures the team stays motivated, one wag at a time.
For treats, belly rubs, or any important bone-related matters, contact Molly at [Her imaginary email, because dogs don’t have emails, but wouldn’t it be cool if they did!

Bailey (The Maltipoo)
CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer)

Meet Bailey, our Chief Cuddle Officer, and Zoomie Enthusiast. Affectionately dubbed the “Teddy Bear” of the office, Bailey’s soft fur and heartwarming presence create an atmosphere of comfort and joy.
Bailey, a graduate of the School of Shenanigans, has a knack for orchestrating spontaneous cuddle sessions and lightning-fast zoomie extravaganzas. With a paw-spective like no other, Bailey ensures the office is alive with laughter and playful chaos.
For inquiries about cuddle appointments, cozy consultations, or the next scheduled zoomie fest, call Bailey!